Day 84

Day 84 – 23 Nov – The morning was preparing for the church members meeting that evening. I thought it had been a quiet 6 months but actually going through the elders minutes was encouraging to  see  how  much has taken place. I wrote the report, got on with some work for Sunday morning and in the afternoon did a Pastoral visit.  For some reason I am always nervous over church meetings. In 13  years we’ve never had a bad one but I’m always a little bit on edge during the day. I think it must be having gone to independent churches in South Wales, I remember  one minister saying ‘the two places Christians stop behaving like Christians are on the football field and in church meetings’. I’m very grateful for our church meetings. Graham Weeks one of our elders chairs and does a good job, I give the session report, then we have a deacons, finance and building committee report.


Last night we elected two new deacons which will strengthen their work and we also announced to the congregation that we are planning to train 4 new elders over the coming year. We also  had good news yesterday from the contractor in that it looks like we will be able to begin work in January. The next big thing will be securing the loan and pushing on fund raising. We were all done within an hour which is always good. Overall a really encouraging evening.

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