John Paton on Communion

I used this yesterday morning in the sermon.

John Paton was a missionary to the New Hebrides in the 19th Century, it’s taken from his remarkable Autobiography published by the Banner of Truth – he is recounting the first communion he had on Aniwa……

 “For the first time the Dorcas Street Sabbath School Teachers’ gift from South Melbourne Presbyterian Church was put to use – a new Communion Service of silver. They gave it in faith that we would require it, and in such we received it. And now the day had come and gone! For three years we had toiled and prayed and taught for this. At the moment when I put  the bread and wine into those dark hands, once stained with the blood of  Cannibalism, but now stretched out to receive and partake the emblems and seals of the Redeemer’s love, I had a foretaste of the joy of  Glory that well nigh broke  my  heart to pieces. I shall never taste a deeper bliss, till I gaze on the glorified  face of Jesus himself.” page 376

One thought on “John Paton on Communion”

  1. Paton’s autobiography is the best missionary autobiography that I have read. It takes an island people from cannibals to Christian community. But it almost costs Paton his life. He looses both wife and child. His faith is sorely tested yet Got answers prayer in remarkable ways.

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