Day 91

Day 91 – Thu 30 Nov – Yesterday was Phoebe’s  6 monthly appointment at Chelsea and Westminster, though it took up  most of  the day it was at last encouraging. There is hope that the bladder issues which they’ve always feared she had might not actually be a problem! We’ll see in 6 months at the next appointment. After getting back I took the  car to the  garage to get tyres changed which should have taken 20 minutes but took over two hours instead because of some locking nut jammed. Some coffee shops you can work in but Costa in Greenford is like a zoo, I sat in there trying to get  stuff done to no avail. I did however manage to  sabotage a Jehovah Witness bible study going on at the next table. They had two on one with a vulnerable older man, I’m hoping my  interjections and general harrumphing have done enough to put him off the JW’s. As I sat there ear wigging all I could hear from them was leading questions and lots of pressure.  I gave him our church card as I left.
In the evening we had house group  and had a good time in 1 Peter 3:8-4:6. I’m grateful for a couple of long train journeys coming up this week where I can catch up on work.

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