Day 93

Day 93 – Fri 2 Nov – I’d stayed at Jonty’s overnight and we were out first thing for more Church Planting Committee meetings. They were ok but long and I think by the end of it we were all  pretty shattered. Some  of our congregations have got real struggles with no easy fix and so you hope that you can think of some way that will solve the issues but actually  we need the Lord to  work. The Presbytery began with lunch and then Andrew Randall preached helpfully on 2 Timothy 4.  Each church briefly reported and there was much to  be encouraged with there.

By the time Mid Afternoon came round I’d hit the wall and there was quite a lot of admin to get through. Chris Cradock  did a good job just getting us through the items, we even finished ahead of time.

In the evening the Gibson brothers, Jonty and I went for a curry before joining the rest of them in the pub.  It was a good but exhausting day, I think we were too long in Church Planting committee which meant by the time Presbytery arrived I was exhausted


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