Day 95

Day 95 – Sun 4 Dec- I was preaching on Isaiah 52:7-11 in the morning…..How beautiful the feet. I enjoyed preaching it and felt the congregation were responsive. We had a crowd back to lunch and a trip to the park in the afternoon.


Dick Keyes of Soutborough L’Abri was passing through London and so he gave an update on the work of L’Abri and his family at 5. Dick is a Harvard and Westminster Seminary graduate. He became a Christian at L’Abri in 1964 and in 1970 came to Ealing to Pastor the congregation just as it was getting going. When he arrived there were around the 30 in the congregation and he stayed until 1978. He preached for us in the evening, giving a L’Abri lecture on ‘Humility – A necessary but dangerous virtue’. It was full of cultural insight and ideas just came tumbling out of him that you’d want to think more on. I have great affection for Dick, he’s been nothing but encouraging to me in my time here and he personifies the best of the Schaeffer legacy. The service was a record length and with communion we finished after 7.30 which is too long.


Alun Ebenezer popped round for an hour after the service which is always fun.

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