Day 97

I had booked into the Westminster Conference for the day, I thought the programme looked good and had been really looking forward to it. First up was Ian Hamilton on Princeton and Impassibility. Ian gave a catholic spirited address, he deliberately avoided being controversial. I enjoyed the paper but I think it needed slightly more critical engagement on the dangers of denying this. I’d forgotten what discussions are like at the Westminster Conference, meandering and pretty much a waste of time but nothing compared to what was to come in the afternoon.


Geoff Thomas was up next looking back over trends in evangelicalism in the last 50 years. I would have changed some of the emphasis but I really enjoyed his paper and he had deliberately set out to encourage us, I felt he was generous with those he disagreed with. As for the discussion afterwards it will live long in the memory mainly because it would be hard to imagine it being more discouraging. Mainly cranks with bees in their bonnet.


Iain Murray gave the last paper on the relevance of JC Ryle. I’d so enjoyed his biography but he was all over the place, shuffling papers and it wasn’t particularly coherent.


It was lovely to see some old friends but it’s not the kind of conference you would really want to go unless there’s a good line up of speakers.


I got home for tea with the family and then both Claire and I were able to get to prayer gathering. After the day I’d had it was so refreshing to be with the church. We had a decent number but it was just  a joy to hear people pray. We have so much to be thankful and I felt there was an expectancy in praying about the next few weeks which was heartening.


I’ve been addicted to watching this video ‘He came down’ done by Glen Scrivener, I’ve probably cried more today watching it than I have for months.

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