Geoff Thomas at the Westminster Conference

Geoff was speaking on trends in Evangelicalism over the past 50 years and he gave his unique perspective on this. I appreciated his spirit and that he was trying deliberately to be generous with those he disagreed with but also encourage the people at the Westminster Conference.

It was a very personal looking back and I think there could have been more emphasis paid to what has gone on amongst Conservative Anglican Evangelicals in the last 50 years. JI Packer and Dick Lucas maybe should have figured more prominently¬†but that wasn’t the constituency to which Geoff was speaking. It did me good to hear him again.

Here is his structure….

3 movements that have effected evangelicalism
1. The Ecumenical Movement
2. The Charismatic Movement
3. The Reform Movement


3 outstanding personalities
1. Billy Graham
2. John Stott
3. Dr Lloyd Jones


6 challenges to confessional Christianity
1. New Perspective
2. Karl Barth
3. The rejection of substitutionary atonement
4. The Openness of God
5. Feminism
6. Dumbing down of worship


2 Delusions to be avoided in evangelism
1. Parachurch organisations can provide the answers and leadership
2. From American we learn what it is to be evangelists


11 Encouragements
“These are great days to serve the God of the universe”
1. Materially – Those who now live under tyranny are not in the minority, there has been enormous progress
2. Modern English –
3. Books – 2 good Christian books are published every day
4. World Wide Web – It is full of terrible things but also of Gospel Websites, preaching
5. Dr Lloyd Jones – he being dead yet speaks through his books, sermons, articles
6. The International Scene – USA, China, Eritrea, South Korea, Brazil, so much to be encouraged by
7. Pulpits in the UK – Preaching which is feeding Churches, more gospel preaching churches than there were 50 years ago
8. Organisations – like the Christian Institute, Christian Concern which can do what no individual church can do
9. Creation Convictions – Historicity of creation account and a literal Adam
10. Theological Seminaries
11. This Conference – and others like it


The work is hidden and in the main unseen, the media pay no attention to it.

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