Day 101

Day 101 – Sun 11 Dec – We started elders training yesterday morning, we have 4 men we are hoping will become elders. Yesterday we went through what the process looks like and what the vows we would expect elders to make. We then discussed Chapter 1 of the confession. I was leading worship and Chris Roberts was preaching on Luke 1. We had an infant baptism in the service and I read from our BCO giving an explanation of Baptism and then spoke to the parents and Daniela the little baby.


In the afternoon we were at Daphne’s for lunch, Donald’s parents were down for Aberdeen and it was good to spend some time with them. I preached in the evening on Psalm 98 and found it encouraging. During the children’s talk our church kids showed they’d learnt the 10 commandments which was a delight. They are sponges for information.

One thought on “Day 101”

  1. I love your description of Isaac Watts as the Bob Dylan of his age. You are rising higher into classic culture with Handel and Zadok the priest but you slipped up with footsteps in the sands of time. It is a common mistake but that sand is in the hourglass not on the beach.


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