Day 104

Day 104 – Wed 14 Dec – I had a couple of hours first thing to go over some material and then met with  one of our youth  leaders before heading into Cornhill. Pt have started a new Cornhill foundation course for one day a week and I was in for the afternoon doing a session on ‘Marriage, Headship and Submission’. They’re a good group probably about 40 of them and it’s far more diverse than when I did the course. It was quite interesting when I asked them about why ministers crack up or break down they all went for things like – overwork, not taking days off, control freak, no life/work distinction, discouragement of church work, burn out. None of them went for anything vaguely relational like stressful colleagues, difficulties in leadership, problems in a marriage. I think we’re in danger of people thinking the greatest danger in ministry is overwork. I want to try and write that up but whether I’ll get the time is another thing. They were a warm group, who asked good questions. I was encouraged by them.
In the evening we had our housegroup meal which was a quiet affair.

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