Day 107

Day 107 – Sat 15 Dec – I had a couple of hours to get jobs done and then we met for prayer before going out on the doors to invite people to the carol service. We just spent an hour and it was encouraging, people who answered the door were nearly all positive. We’ve got a couple of homes to follow up on. If nothing else it makes you pray for the area and to be aware of how very few people we’re reaching. There were about 16 of us going out in two’s, I hope we might be able to do it more often. I also popped in on the shops in Greenford Avenue and they were very receptive.


In the afternoon we had two parties, one for Ellie’s school friend which had a Batgirl as the entertainer. I’m not sure the kids had a clue who she was but they seemed to enjoy it. The second party was an open house by parents of some children in Noah and Ellie’s class. It was good to spend more time with them before coming home and doing very little that evening.

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