Day 108

Day 108 – Sun 18 Dec -We had the second of our elders training looking at Psalm 23 and the theme of Shepherding, plus looked over WCF 3 & 4. Chris Roberts was preaching yesterday morning and was excellent on Philippians 2, full of illustration and good application. It was lovely to hear, we had the Lord’s Supper afterwards

Another family in the church took Noah and Ellie for the afternoon so we had a gloriously quiet afternoon. I even managed to go to bed for an hour, I think it’s probably the first time for years that’s happened.


The carol service in the evening was very encouraging, it was a full house and so probably somewhere near 200. We were really pleased that quite a lot of the people we’d invited came along. The kids sang very well and the musicians were great. I spoke on the Second Coming of Christ, I’d never done it before at a carol service – He has come, He is coming, He can come to you today. People listened well but you just long for response, even sometimes a negative response. Folk tell you that was a lovely service but what does that mean? I did talk with one older man who agreed to read Luke’s gospel over Christmas and we’d meet for lunch to talk about it in January so that is good. Sometimes I feel like saying at the end of the carol service ‘Same Time, same place, next year’ but we’re praying that  some come back.

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