Day 113

Day 113 – Fri 23 Dec – The morning began with various present drops round Ealing before we left for the wedding at 11. We got there in good time and amazingly for an Ethiopian marrying a Zimbabwean we started promptly at 12. Amyand Park Chapel was packed, with probably 30 standing at the back. We began with the great African hymn ‘Oh how the grace of God amazes me’, Sinclair Ferguson wrote a book for Ligonier expounding each verse a few years ago. The hymn is good but 7/8 lengthy verses you need a good congregation to keep it going. Gerard Hemming’s married them and I preached on Philippians 2. It was a good service, I used one silly illustration that I shouldn’t have used, other than that it was ok, people were very encouraging. The reception was in Hounslow and the food was fantastic, there was lots of joyful African singing which sounded wonderful. We didn’t stay for the dancing and were home by 8.30.


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