Praying the Bible – a Review

I can’t remember being so disappointed by a book. I’d been really looking forward to reading it, the title is a great one that intrigues. The book is very brief  and begins with a few helpful points on praying the Psalms and the importance of using Scripture in Prayer. Whitney’s main thesis is he basically advocates a mind association technique where you pray whatever comes into your head when you’re reading the bible. It doesn’t matter if that has nothing to do with what the author intended or what the passage means. It’s permissible because the Spirit is at work, helping you to pray and in the end it will be alright because you’ll learn more how to pray biblically. I had to read the chapters a couple of times because I couldn’t really believe what he was saying.


To give a ridiculous example, let’s say you’re reading Isaiah 54 as I was this morning and you come to the  phrase in v2   ‘Enlarge our tents’ according to Whitney’s logic it would be ok to make the following step in our prayers – “Enlarge =  large – thank-you for my Aunt who is large and is coming for lunch tomorrow, pray that you would enable her to lose weight“, “Tents – you know how much I enjoy camping and how I’d love to take the family in the tent this spring, pray that we have good weather and I might be able to buy a bigger tent.” In all honesty it beggars belief.


Don Whitney has written some really helpful material on the Christian Life however this isn’t one of them.

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