Day 114

Day 114 – Christmas Eve – The family spent the morning doing different jobs, trips to the shops, dropping off presents, getting ready for tomorrow. I popped into Ealing to pick up some things and it wasn’t too crazy. Sandra was round for the day which was good, the kids are very excited for tomorrow.

Noah, Ellie and I went to the home of one of Noah’s school friends for a party. The family is Sri Lankan, and so along with 55 other Sri Lankans we crammed into a small flat. The food was remarkable, really lovely but so hot my mouth was completely numb by the end of it. Mutton Roti Curry with egg is one of the wonders of the world.
We had a lovely time, I left thinking how do we reach these folk with the gospel  – tomorrow we’ll celebrate ‘Good news of great joy for all people’. I wish I felt the burden to reach people more.
I did read Church History 101 which is a terrific read – it’s satisfying to read 20 centuries of church history in half an hour!

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