Day 115

Day 115 – Christmas Day – The kids were up for 7 and delighted with their gifts. We had church at 10 at Drayton Manor for the first time at Drayton Manor, but the end we were a full house with a family from Indonesia, a whole load of Romanians and Iranians. Apart from family I’m not sure we had any British visitors. I preached on Isaiah 9 but I’m not sure I was as winsome as I should have been. Getting the tone right on Christmas Day is never easy. Christmas Day on a Sunday means a much easier schedule with far less to prepare than a usual Christmas, however I was exhausted for the last few days and prep has been slow for a few weeks.


We had Daphne and Delores from church and two of our neighbours for lunch.  It was a great feast and they all stayed for the afternoon. We went with Daphne to the Cradock’s for an hour in the early evening and by the end of the day were totally done in.

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