Day 124

Day 124 – Tue 3 Jan – The day started with early morning prayer gathering at the church, the first of our week of prayer meetings. It was minus 3 when I defrosted the car and never have I been so glad that the heating was on when I arrived at church. We had a good turnout and an encouraging time together. In the morning I reworked a sermon on Haggai 1:12-15 for Ealing Lunchtime Talks and then finished off an article for the evangelical magazine on Regeneration.
ELT had a couple of new people, both of whom gave their contact details for us to  follow up. I had a good discussion on Cessationism with a newcomer who obviously didn’t agree but was willing to engage on it. I got into a bit of muddle in the middle of my talk, I never find reworking sermons or talks particularly in a lunchtime setting works.I’m looking forward to getting back into Romans 8 next week.
Afterwards I had lunch with Chuck and a new couple from the States who’ve come to work alongside the church plant in Brentford. I hope they’ll be a great addition to the church plant there. Today was the last day of school holidays and it doesn’t seem like the kids have had a long enough break. I began work on Isaiah 44 this evening which is a magnificent chapter and was one of the first chapters I preached on when I got to Cornhill, thankfully I’ve lost my notes.

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