Day 125

Day 125 – Wed 4 Jan – I spent the morning on preparation on Isaiah 44 and really enjoyed getting into the chapter. I think there’s a link with the story of the Rich Man and Lazarus but can’t remember where I’ve read that, I’m pretty sure it’s not an original thought. Donald is back and popped in as did Jess. for quick meetings.

In the afternoon I watched this on “Millenials in the workplace” I was born in 1976 but don’t fit into the age category but there’s some brilliant insights in the video. I was so convicted that I caught the bus to Argos and bought an alarm clock! I managed to finish Sunday morning before the end of the day which is good.

We continued our week of prayer in the evening and there was a great turnout and people were full of encouragement. It was a joy to be there.


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