Day 128

Day 128 – Sun 8 Jan – It was a really full day. I met with the kids to go through the sermon in Children’s School and then went on to the elders training. We’re working through the confession with the men and are doing 2 chapters per week. It was so encouraging to hear how much they are appreciating studying WCF.
Chris Roberts led the service, I preached on Isaiah 44, we celebrated the Lord’s Supper. We’ve got infant baptisms on the next two Sundays so have had to jiggle around Communion. My closing applications on Isaiah 44 were God always remembers his promises unlike idols and God forgives unlike idols and so it linked naturally into the table. There was a new Indian family and two other young women visiting.
We had folk back for lunch and the kids were in good form during the afternoon. In the evening I preached in 2 Cor 4 ‘We do not lose heart’. The building was yet again freezing but people listened and I felt they were with me as I preached. To top the day off a couple of us elders had a meeting about a tricky Presbytery situation and so by the end of the day I was pretty spent.

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