Day 129

Day 129 – Mon 9 Jan – I think it’s fair to say I didn’t redeem the time yesterday morning and could have and should have worked harder. I went down to Brentford to a friend who I grew up with in Ebenezer, Swansea, I’m trying to encourage him to get stuck in at Immanuel as he lives round the corner from it. In the afternoon I got back into Romans 8 for ELT. I think at some point I will come back and do a series of 4 or 6 in Romans 8 but tomorrow will be a whistlestop tour.

I’m at the point inreading Calvin where he speaks so powerfully on idolatry, it applies Isa 44 wonderfully. Sandra was about working in the afternoon and with us for tea. In the evening was the deacons meeting and we were done by 9pm, my first deacons meeting nearly 14 years ago finished at 1am. There’s going to be masses of work when we get the go on the building project so we’re all praying it’s soon.


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