Day 135

Day 135 – Sun 15 Jan – Iain D Campbell from the Isle of Lewis was preaching for us all day. The morning service was packed with Free Church folk as we had  Juan Silva’s baptism.  There was also a number of Lewis exiles who’d heard that  Iain D was preaching and so turned up. I gave too long an explanation for the baptism and should have realised Iain D is a 40 minute plus preacher. We also sang an unaccompanied Psalm for the first time in the morning which worked very well.


The preaching was outstanding both morning and evening. I’ve heard Iain D at conferences but never preaching to a congregation, it was theologically rich and yet gloriously accessible, a real privilege to have him. It’s difficult to articulate the effect of it but there was a real sense in which we’d been confronted by God.


Geoff Thomas had come from Aber to hear Iain D and so both of them were back at ours for lunch and we had a great afternoon despite the cooker breaking down. It was a really good day,  and did me the world of good to sit and listen.

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