Day 136

Day 136 – Mon 16 Jan – I had to get Iain D to the train station at some unearthly hour. I had a few hours with my mother before I took her to Paddington.  She has been in good health and loved being up. On Sunday in addition to the Oven breaking down our back door refused to lock so I had to get that fixed. It was a cracking start to the week! I began to work on Romans 8:28-39 for ELT, it’s an overwhelming passage in some ways it’s hard to know where to begin.

In the evening I went out with some of the men in the church to the Big Easy in Chelsea – eat as much as you can. It was absolutely terrific but I desperately need to do some exercise.


Philip Jensen wrote the following the death of his grandson and it is a powerful piece on the awfulness of death – Upon the death of a grandson

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