Day 141

Day 141 – Fri 20 Jan – We started the day with team meeting, more prep, a trip to Graham and Katy’s with my father in law, and then back to finishing Sunday morning.
We left for the 20s and 30s weekend at 3, it’s taking place at this plush conference centre about 45 minutes away. I’m out of the age range but thought it would be good to be around to get to know folk with a bit more time for chatting. I had a few hours to get some work done before supper and then the first session with Simon Arscott from All Nations Ilford. I’ve known Simon since my time in Grove and after studying at Westminster  he  was the Assistant in Grove and then Trinity Church, York. He’s taking the Great Commission as his theme over the weekend Tonight was the Action, there’s 3 talks tomorrow – The objectives – What they do and who is to carry it out, The scope of Mission and then on Sunday finishing on the Resources of Mission. We’ve got 40 odd here and it was an excellent start. Simon was full of Beale-esque insights into the text and connections, it was a real delight to hear with good strong application. We stayed up chatting which was good fun while the punters played board games! It’s not like it was in my day!!

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