Day 142

Day 142 – Sat 21 Jan – Latimer Place is a really great location for church weekends, particularly for us it’s only 25 mins from Ealing on a clear run so a few folk joined us for the day. It was a Cooked Breakfast  to begin the day and  then 2 sessions in the morning. Simon was outstanding – his first session looking at What they do in Discipleship? Baptism and Teaching
The second talk I thought was particularly helpful but more controversial – who is to carry out the great commission – the church not the parachurch, firstly those  ordained and all believer secondly, there was a good question and answer session afterwards and lots of discussion over lunch.

Simon had some great turn of phrase in the morning which I will steal…

After lunch we had a game of football on a treacherous grass pitch which was great fun, a quick swim and then the afternoon session which was a little bit flat with people so tired. I managed to get a lift back to Ealing so I could be home for the kids going to bed which was lovely.
I really enjoyed listening to Simon and just found the whole weekend wonderfully encouraging, it was good to have lengthy conversations with a number of folk. I hope we can do it again, Latimer Place is expensive but I think it’s worth it for location as we could probably get people back for Sunday morning church.

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