Day 144

Day 144 – Mon 23 Jan – I’ve reached Romans 9 for ELT and I’m not sure how we’re going to cover it and so the day was spent reading around that and doing admin. I’m hoping to cover 29 verses tomorrow but I’m not really sure how I’m going to do that. In the evening I was out on a pastoral visit and popped in to see Sandra who is back after having her appendix out.

I tried to spend a bit longer in prayer in the morning and we were thrilled to have a great answer to prayer in the Ildertons visa situation looks like it has resolved itself. I was sad to hear that Iain D is very unwell in Glasgow and praying for his recovery.

I spent most of the day wishing I’d gone to the Eccentrics Ministers do in Swansea – next year.


One thought on “Day 144”

  1. ‘Eccentrics Ministers ‘ I am not sure you would qualify. I have heard you called several things but not eccentric. But as is said in Yorkshire, ‘They’re all queer save thee and me and thoo’s a bit peculiar.’


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