Day 145

Day 145 – Tue 24 Jan – I enjoyed preparing Romans 9 but discovered some pretty horrific illustrations of election that are out there. What is interesting is Romans 9 is full of biblical illustrations which we rarely use. So, I preached on verses 1-29 Let God be God. I thought I was quite clear but I hear that one of our regulars turned round afterwards and said ‘What was he on about?’, which is good for my humility. There was a newcomer there a local man in his 50s who just came in having seen the sign, I spoke with him and he is interested. I gave him our church leaflet and I hope he might come on Sunday.


Afterwards I caught up with one of our young men before we had the boys bible study outing to 5 Guys. Jonty Rhodes was in London for a conference so came over in the evening and he is so encouraging. Their baby is due next month and then it’s off to Leeds! Afterwards there was a Pastoral situation to try and sort out and a full day all in all.

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