Day 147

Day 147 – Thu 26 Jan – The day began with Session Prayer, we were lower on numbers with two of our elders in America and a couple having appointments so not able to make it. In the morning Claire and I had a lengthy meeting at the bank trying to sort out a remortgage  that should work. I went into town and had a great lunch with Dick Lucas, soup, fishcakes and apple turnover. He’s improving as a cook!! He was in magnificent encouraging form. We went through what I’ve been preaching and he was so helpful. He was exhorting me how we need to know the big idea of books before we preach them. There are too many preachers who get into a book without really knowing what it’s about until they are actually preaching it. This is slightly ironic as I start Jonah on Sunday night and I’m still not 100% sure.
I’m behind for Sunday so worked in the evening having popped in on one of my elders for an hour.
The publicity for the Catalyst conference has just been released and it should be a great few days.

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