Day 150

Day 150 – Sun 29 Jan -I took the children through Isaiah 48 at the start of Sunday school,  they’re a great bunch of kids and the Lord has brought lots of children over the years to us. The elders training is going well and we’ve reached Chapter 13 of the WCF. Chris Roberts led for me both morning and evening. I told the congregation the news about Iain D in the morning and there obvious shock for those who’d not heard.  I preached on Isaiah 48 – a change of address won’t result in a change of heart. Isaiah is written so beautifully and carefully, there’s so much depth and intricacy to the book. I sometimes feel I’m a bit heavy and laborious with pointing out the details but people were encouraging. Dave Garner the Systematics Prof from Westminster was passing through and it was really good to catch up with him.

We had a quiet afternoon, we have a new second hand cooker so were trying it out! I even managed a nap which is one of the great joys of Sundays. There’s been quite a bit of follow up from the 20s and 30s weekend particularly on the Great commission being for Church leaders primarily and others secondarily. We held a question and answer as I sought to address some of it. I hope that we made some headway. There were probably 12 of them there and it was good to chat things through further.


In the evening I began Jonah, I’ve loved preparing it, so much satire, irony and comedy and the Lord’s overwhelming providence and grace. We ended up with Jesus being the greater Jonah, lots to inspire. Our final hymn was All hail the power of Jesus name, which was a great way to finish the day.

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