Day 153

Day 153 – Wed 1 Feb – The day began with catching up with Natalie our church worker and then doing some admin with Jess. I had a good few hours in Isaiah 49 and I think I’ve cracked it for Sun morning. Reuben Hunter from Trinity West  came up to Ealing for lunch and we had a great time, just sometimes being able to talk to someone outside your situation can get you perspective. Someone had contacted the church to see whether I could  visit a 97 year old man who wants a Presbyterian funeral when he dies. He’s not professing faith but I was able to read and pray with him, he’s a colourful character and I hope folk from the church will be able to visit. I had a couple of hours in the study before tea.

It was our monthly prayer gathering and though there weren’t as many as I’d hoped would be there we had a good time. Lots of prayer for the Iain D’s family and the churches up in Lewis. I went to the Drayton Court with Dumb and Dumber, Rachel and Donald which was good fun.

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