Day 157

Day 157 – Sun 5 Feb  – Phoebe still has a high temp so Claire and her were in all day. I had a good time with the guys in elders training. Chris Roberts led both services and it was nice to sit with the kids. I preached in the morning on Isaiah 49 and it was a strange sermon, I didn’t feel I was connecting as I preached. I love the passage particularly v4 where the servant says ‘ “I have laboured in vain;
    I have spent my strength for nothing and vanity;
yet surely my right is with the Lord,
    and my recompense with my God.”


After the service I got besieged by people and so for over an hour was just spent in pretty intense one to ones. There was a new man who I think it would be safe to say was struggling with some issues  and making some remarkable claims, he’d dug up a plant for me from infront of the school as a gift. At times I needed rescuing. I go round and round as to what’s best practice, standing at the door is an exercise in people feeling they have to tell you ‘thankyou for the message’. The staying at the front waiting for people to come to you is slightly pompous. I’m not sure there’s an answer really.


We had 5 folk back in the afternoon and had a really nice time chatting and it was good they stayed right the way through till the evening service. At night I was on Jonah 2 and different to the morning felt that people were with me. After the service there some good conversations but I needed to preach Isaiah 49:4 to myself at the end of the night.

One thought on “Day 157”

  1. Interesting how perception of preacher and this member differ. I thought you communicated well and were led to say somethings well fitted for my Jewish visitor. We will have to get you a signalling system for when you need to be rescued afterwards.


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