Day 158

Day 158 – Mon 6 Feb – I had a good start to the morning with prep for this week and took Phoebe to the GP mid morning, it was a pretty frustrating visit as they prescribed oral antibiotics that we know she won’t take. After chasing some things up I decided to go into Kings College Library and work there for the afternoon, . I had a really productive afternoon and broke the back of Isaiah 50. I came home for a Pastoral meeting and by this time Phoebe wasn’t doing well so we decided I’d take her to West Mid Hospital.

It was supposed to be session meeting this evening but with a  few of the elders going to be late and me not being able to make it I cancelled it. Phoebe stayed in overnight and seems to have a Chest infection which might mean she’s in for a few days. The healthcare she receives is incredible at West Mid, they had run out of paediatric beds so we were transferred to Chelsea and Westminster at 3 in the morning. Just over 2 years ago the day after Phoebe was born she was rushed from West Mid to C & E with complications and the ambulance people were brilliant whilst I was in bits driving behind. I never got to thank the paramedic but it was the same guy last night. It was the first time I’d ever been in the back of an ambulance and they were terrific. It was 5am before we were on the ward in Chelsea and the Dr came at 6. I maybe got an hours sleep but managed to finish Sunday morning through the night. Thankfully Paul Meiners is going to step in for me to speak at ELT.

Phoebe was brilliant and just coped with all the prodding and taking blood. There are times when you think why this as well as the Down Syndrome?, the stinging sadness of how vulnerable she is and yet how gracious God has been to our family. I think there are times when God reminds us that there are things that we take for granted which are gracious gifts from his hand – like health and strength, like safety, like family life and sleep!! How much more grateful I should be.


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