Day 160

Day 160 – Wed 8 Feb – I was woken by Claire at 9.30 as she arrived at the hospital. It had been a disturbed night and Phoebe up numerous times. She’d managed to pull the feeding tube out too. I managed to get to see 3 folk during the day and dish out some jobs for Donald to do. Claire came back for parents evening so I was at the hospital for 3.30. Phoebe was in good form but still not eating or drinking enough so back went in the feeding tube. She slept for a couple of hours from 6.30 but then was woken by the nurses and didn’t go back to sleep till half past midnight at which I was just at the brink of losing it! However she is in better form and was very happy staying awake. I’m ahead of where I normally am for Sunday! hooray


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