Day 171

Day 171 -Sun 19 Feb – We were a bit lower numbers wise because of it being the second Sunday of half term but still a good turnout. I was on Isaiah 53 in the morning, I had toyed with preaching Isa 51 and 52 but I have a tendency to make series over long, I spent years and years in Genesis and I think we missed the main theme because of that. Keeping the pace is good for me in bigger books. Noah went to the Cradock’s for the day so we just had Ellie and Phoebe at home and it was nice to have  a quiet afternoon.

In the evening I finished of Jonah 4 and had really enjoyed preparing, it seems the book is about God’s treatment of Jonah, lots of the commentaries make Mission to the nations the big theme but having got to  the end of Jonah I’m convinced the freedom of God is the big thing. People were full of questions after which is always a good thing.


I’m hoping this week will be a more normal week and I need to get more pastoral work done

One thought on “Day 171”

  1. I had no complaints about the length Genesis and you made your point well on Jonah 4. Graham J Weeks My blog 10201 quotes 654 topics 2452 authors Our church  ——————————————————————————————— In Essentials Unity, In Non-Essentials Liberty, In All Things Charity- =================================================


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