Day 174

Day 174 – Wed 22 Feb – It was another early start with the alarm going off before 6. I had a meeting with my friend who’s in politics at 7.30 at Westminster. We had a good time and I was back in Ealing by 9.15, I quickly met with Natalie our intern who is doing well. I had a few phone calls regarding Presbytery situations which took up too much time. I’m still hovering between two opinions when it comes to Sunday night. One of my problems is that I prepare lots of background material in advance, it’s the only way I can keep up but it leads to you having about 4 or 5 pots on the boil that you think are ready to serve, but it often turns out they are not.


In the afternoon I worked for a time on some articles I’m hoping to edit and get published but one of them needs a lot more work. The article is a transcript of Donald Macleod -he preached in 1986 on Biblical Presbyterianism and I got an American intern who was with us for a summer a number of years ago to transcribe it, foolishly I didn’t check it at the time. she obviously didn’t understand his accent and so lots of what she’s written is incomprehensible and to top it off the girl somehow managed to lose the tape. Prof Macleod of course spoke without notes and so now I’m hunting another copy of the original recording but so far to no avail.


Dora who is new to our church popped in before housegroup and then we were at the Silva’s on 2 Peter 2 which is not an easy passage by any  means and particularly tough in a small group context

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