Day 176

Day 176 – Fri 24 Jan – I had my third morning this week of the alarm going off before 6. I set off for Derby but our car wasn’t right and so wouldn’t go over 60 and lost acceleration. I stopped at the services and called the AA who basically said go home and don’t go over 60. My garage have booked in to look at it next week. So I didn’t get up to Derby which is frustrating. What was good though is I gained a day and so worked on Sunday night, met with some people and had a good day. I’ve got quite a few bookings in the coming weeks so looked ahead a bit – I’m taking an afternoon for the Edinburgh Theological Seminary and I’ve given the title – “Preaching – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly – week in, week out” so I did some groundwork on that.

In the evening I spoke at Hayes Town Chapel youth group last night on I am the Door from John 10 – Identity, Access, Security, Division. They were a small group of young people but they listened really well.  It’s an historic congregational church whose Welsh minister Gwynne Evans has just retired, their church worker Chungman is absolutely terrific. I keep telling him to become Presbyterian.


We’ve got Dariusz Bryckov from Poland staying with us this weekend which is very exciting. Dariusz is a church planter and theologian in Warsaw and we’re praying it will be a great connection for us and for them. He’s going to take Sunday School on John A Lasko and then will preach for us on Sunday morning.

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