Day 176

Day 176 – Sat 25 Feb – Dariusz and I went along to the bible study before the book table which was very encouraging. There were 8 of us there and we studied Acts 22, I’d not been before but it was an excellent time. David Jones bought us Lamb Biryani at 9.30 in the morning! I came home whilst Dariusz stayed for the book table. The book table is a great witness we’d long for greater fruit but it sends out a message that as a church we are here and in the words of Dylan Thomas “we will not go quietly into the night.”
In the afternoon we went round Ealing, visited the Polish Catholic church which is a former Methodist church then we met with two men from the Polish Evangelical Church which was good, it felt like we shadow boxed round each other but I hope there can be more contact. The evening was just spent chilling out and talking ministry. It was fascinating to hear about Poland and I hope that I can visit Warsaw some time later this year.

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