Day 178

Day 178 – Mon 27 Feb – Dariusz left first thing and I was in the study early trying to get ahead for this week. I had a great morning in Isaiah 44 which I think I’ve cracked. There followed a  pastoral meeting about our youth work at lunchtime and then I was in Romans 12 for the afternoon. I’m debating whether to preach all of Romans 12 and 13 at the lunchtime talks tomorrow. It sounds ridiculous but I think the common theme of how we relate –  to God, to one another, to enemies, to authorities, to God’s law – is clear. We’ll see how we get on tomorrow morning, It’s probably folly to preach on so much for a lunchtime talk but there is value in the bigger chunks sometimes.
We had an excellent session meeting this evening. We got through a lot of business and they are wise men. Each have different strengths but there is a good balance on the eldership. I often wish more of the congregation could see the eldership at work. The next year is an exciting year with the hope of more elders being appointed and potential Assistant’s being appointed. I pray daily that the Lord  will help me to think well of my elders and that the unity we have enjoyed so far will be preserved. I can never sleep after session meetings so I stayed up reading, I am behind on Calvin.
A friend of mine sent me a link to Doug Kelly speaking on creation. When it comes to Genesis 1-3 I am a naïve literalist and find Doug Kelly particularly persuasive – this is well worth watching.

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