Day 179

Day 179 – Tue 28 Feb – We were back doing Knowing God before work and on Ch5 and 6. Chapter 5 on the Incarnation is a remarkable chapter and so helpful to start the day in that way. There were only 3 of us but it was a good time. I had to dash back home because before school there was a Doughnuts and Dads thing at Mayfield. You go in and the kids show you their work and there’s doughnuts, Noah and Ellie loved it. I studied in the morning and common sense prevailed for ELT I just did the first 8 verses of Romans 12 – Surrender and Service but I was too long and laborious. There was however a lady afterwards who asked whether she could contribute to ELT which is encouraging.

In the afternoon I hit a wall and was so exhausted I slept for 45 mins. Donald and I had a forlorn trip to the dump which was closed but I managed to finish Sunday morning on Isaiah 44 and am onto “Calling” from Romans 8:30 for Sunday night. We’re a little worried at Phoebe’s eating and drinking at the moment, it’s making meal times really stressful. I was out doing Pastoral Visits last night and had encouraging times with folk.

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