Day 181

Day 181 – Thu 2 Mar – I was out of the house before 5 to get to St Pancras for the Eurostar and in Belgium for 9 UK time. It’s ridiculous that it’s so easy. I was planning to go an see my nephew up in the Hague but I’m not ready for Sunday and am tired so thought it best just to stay in Brussels and work. What I didn’t realise is I’d lost the power lead for the laptop so actually couldn’t do a great deal. What this means is that the work I hoped to do while here will have to be done when I get home.

I got to the hotel for mid afternoon read, slept and tried to write some things. David Gibson arrived and we had dinner then Chris Cradock and I hoped to make it into the centre of Brussels for some Mussels but in the end walked round this soulless industrial park and had a beer in some nondescript chain hotel! We could have been anywhere in the world.

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