Day 184

Day 184 – Sun 5 Mar -It was a normal start with Children’ Sunday School, Phoebe has been more clingy since being in hospital and Claire was playing so I didn’t get to go into elders training. I was preaching on Isaiah 44 in the morning and really enjoyed the passage. There’s glorious pictures of a restoration – the childless, the spurned wife, the city the invitation to take our shame to God. Because of my computer woes there were no Children’s sheets but the kids did really well taking notes. I was so encouraged by them.


In the afternoon it was just us as a family and I needed to do some work on the evening sermon. I preached on calling and just didn’t really get going. I think I made things more complicated that they needed to be. I had to speak briefly to our young people after church, they had their day away on Saturday looking at how they can use their gifts so I spoke on how I want them to be involved in church life  – there’s no such thing in the bible as teenagers, you are part of the church (you’re not the church of the future), get stuck in be available and useful. They’re a good group.

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