Day 185

Day 185 – Mon 6 Mar – After having taken the kids to school, I spent some time in Romans 12 for ELT. I headed into town to meet Alun Ebenezer for lunch which as always was good value. It’s good on a Monday to get out of Ealing and do something different, exercise probably would be best but going to the pub with a friend refreshes in another way! I was back to pick the kids up for school and managed to get to the point where I know where I’m going ELT.

In early evening I popped up to Northwick Park Hospital to see Graham, he’s in hospital for a bit longer than he’d hoped but is recovering. He really is a remarkable encourager!


The tragedy of the Iain D situation broke in the national press today. It’s hard to fathom and so, so tragic – Gen 4:7 “sin crouches at the door and it desires to have you”. Iain D preached so powerfully and helpfully when he was with us just 6 weeks ago, he was in our home with Geoff Thomas, there were absolutely no signs of the carnage that was about to unfold.  I can’t remember a Sunday that did me so much good. I spoke to him the day he was admitted to hospital about writing some stuff for the Record.  It’s been so difficult to comprehend what has taken place since. We do know that the Devil is a liar and a murderer and his fingerprints are all over this situation. My prayers are with the Free Church as they seek to somehow unpick this.


On the issue of suicide I remember hearing someone helpfully say –  we know that we can’t say a Christian cannot commit suicide and neither can we say that a Christian can commit suicide but what we must say is ‘You shall not Murder’ and all the positive teaching that the 6th commandment entails.

One thought on “Day 185”

  1. Thanks for your willingness to talk about this and not sweep it under the carpet. I have listened to a number of his sermons online. With the benefit of hindsight, i.e. knowing what has happened as revealed in the media, I can sense a soul in anguish, a soul deeply struggling with sin. His fellow ministers within his denomination and beyond should have picked up on this anguish and helped him.

    I reckon there are more ministers like him who struggle in private and too proud or to embarrassed to admit their problem and seek help. If ministers were more open and accountable to a close brother they can trust, then such things could be avoided. Seminaries should tackle this problem


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