Day 187

 Day 187 – Wed 8 Mar – Today was Ellie’s 5th birthday so she was up early and very excited. I had to dash off to the Ealing Civic Prayer Breakfast at the town hall. Most of the church leaders from Ealing were there and we met in the council chamber. It was pretty much as unbearable as I anticipated, local politicians misquoting the bible, local head teachers telling us human beings are all basically good, and every speaker getting up and telling us how wonderful the faith communities are, it was like a collective self patting on the back. The 2 Police superintendents spoke very well and the councillor with responsible for business I thought had some interesting things to say. The 3 clergy who actually led in prayer prayed well, however with the speakers there was no mention of the gospel and the real need of people. The whole thing lasted an hour and a half but it felt a lot longer.


From there I went to meet a good friend of my mothers from Swansea who was up looking at how churches to language classes in West London then went down to have lunch with one of the men in church who works in Westfield. The 607 bus is a great one for reading so managed to spend quite a bit of time reading Calvin.


In the afternoon I worked on Isaiah 55, I’ve preached on it a number of times before and so am I trying not just to rehash material. Ellie had her birthday meal and the David Gibson is down in London meeting money men so Claire went to house group and we put the world to right.

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