Day 189

Day 189 – Fri 10 Mar -I had a few hours in the study before a Pastoral visit at 11. I was visiting an Indian couple, he is a recently retired Consultant who spend part of their week in Ealing. They have a great story of how they came to know the Lord. We grabbed a bit of lunch and then myself and the brothers in law set off for Cardiff for the  Wales v Ireland game. There were big delays around Newport but were there for 4. We parked at some friends and made our way in to town. Cardiff on match day is something else with the stadium being in the heart of the stadium. The game wasn’t particularly pretty and Wales had a few fortunate escapes. 3 tries and some great singing saw Wales home, I was surrounded by Irishmen but there was great banter. We walked back to our car and drove straight back, needless to say I was by far the happiest in the car! We were home for 1am.


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