Day 192

Day 192 – Mon 13 Mar – Today was one of those Mondays where it just felt impossible to get going. In the morning I worked on Romans 13 but it was so slow and there was no blood going to it. I had a pastoral meeting in town over lunch and then worked from a Café in the afternoon but I’m not sure I achieved anything. I’d have probably been better just to take the day off. I even ended sleeping after dinner for half hour just to try and get some energy. Discouragement comes when you’re tired and undisciplined, it skews your view of how things are going in the church and the devil can use that. I’m going to try and read Willie Still on rhythms of work and rest and his piece on the devil.


We had deacons meeting in the evening that was good and picked me up, we’re waiting for our builder to come back to us on the building project but it’s hard to put up with the slowness. We need to get better as a church at encouraging giving I suspect this year there might be a shortfall which will make us pray more and be more proactive.

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