Day 194

Day 194 – Wed 15 Mar -I had an early morning meeting with Natalie our intern and then spent the rest of the day in the study. I’m slightly stuck on Isaiah 56 and have gone round and round on it. I listened to a couple of sermons from others which I don’t usually do but in all honesty they weren’t much help at all.

The issue I’m struggling with is how did Israel keep the Sabbath and not profane it whilst in exile and when Isaiah commands them to do justice what does he mean? It’s too easy an application to say we must be doing social justice today, that is lazy exegesis. I finished the day with more questions than I started.
The kids were in good form this evening, Noah has made it to the Quiz Club team which will compete against other schools which will be great fun. Phoebe is beginning to adore being in the bath and causes carnage.
We had housegroup at the Littles on the end of 2 Peter which Adrian led. It’s not an easy book and doesn’t lend itself so easily to small group bible study.

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