Day 198

Day 198 – Sun 19 Mar – I tried to do less study in line but still had to 20 mins in the morning and half hour in the afternoon. It was better to be more with the family. Normal Kids Sunday School and Elders training and then I was preaching on Isa 56:1-8. An inclusive invitation (foreigners and Eunuchs)and an exclusive commitment (to the Sabbath). We trust God’s promises in the past, because of what he’s done in the past and so we can obey him in the present. It linked well into the Lord’s Supper and going back to Isaiah 55 with the invitation.

It was good to talk more about the Sabbath and I had some good feedback from it. It means that we need to change how we work and order our lives, myself included. It’s not often sadly that you prepare a sermon and see specific ways you need to change but I think Isaiah 56 has done that for me.

We had 6 people back for the afternoon which was lovely and then in the evening I was on Glorification. It could have done with another couple of hours in the study. Daphne came back as usual to chew the fat and we were pretty done in by bedtime.


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