Day 200

Day 200 – Tue 21 Mar – It was an early start cycling to the prayer gathering for 6.30. I’d forgotten to send out an email about it and we have a few of our regulars who couldn’t make it for different reasons, so the only people who were there were paid  to be there!!! It actually was a good time of prayer and getting up early to pray does me good even if it ends up me being there on my own. Donald and I went on to the Knowing God group discussing the love of God. I came home to get ready for ELT and do some work for going to Edinburgh tomorrow.

I had an early lunch with one of the young men in the church which was very encouraging and then ELT finishing off Romans 13 looking at love and the law. There was another new lady there from the council which was encouraging. In the afternoon there was more study and then we met with the builders who’ll be starting our extension the week after Easter. I went to a lecture on Poles in Ealing by Pietr Stolarski which was fascinating. There must have been nearly 100 people there. I’ll try and write up my notes in the next few days. I worked late trying to finish some stuff for ETS.

One thought on “Day 200”

  1. Here is my analysis of your second hundred days. Once again my motivation is to make sure you are getting rest times and the family is not neglected. This time you have had far more part days off and so I have put some of these together to make whole days. 9 days off, 5 days holiday, 3 days synod and presbytery, one day youth weekend away, plus several afternoons and evenings off. So well done hard worker.


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