Day 201

Day 201 – Wed 22 Mar –  I was in bed late, then Ellie was up in the night unwell, so I slept on the sofa and was out of the house before 5. I caught the early flight from Heathrow to Edinburgh and we landed before 8. Tessa Clowney who used to be part of our congregation but now lives in Edinburgh, ironically she was coming to Ealing for a few days so we’d arranged to meet at the airport for coffee. I went from there to go the Banner of Truth headquarters ‘The Grey House’, it’s just by Murrayfield stadium and I’d not been before. It was great to catch up with Jonathan Watson, they have some great projects on the go and are doing such a brilliant work.  I spent a few hours preparing before heading to Edinburgh Theological Seminary for lunch. Bob Ackroyd had been the one to book me and it was good to meet him and John Angus Macleod. We sang a Psalm at lunch which was terrific, I was preaching at the Collegiate worship service after another Psalm I preached on 2 Corinthians 1 the God of all comfort. I was really impressed by the students.


In the afternoon I gave a seminary on preaching, my definition ‘When the people of God gather to worship God, the man of God proclaims the Word of God by which we encounter God’. There was good discussion in preaching in the context of Worship which I wish I’d spent more time. I then preached on Psalm 19 something I’d done at IPC on preaching, I was dull, the room was too warm and they looked comatosed halfway through.


Afterwards I went for a pint with Sean Clokey one of our men under care who studies at ETS, it was there that I saw on TV the attacks on London. I then had a chat with Bob Ackroyd back at the college. There was horrible sleet by this time and I was totally spent, I read at the airport for a couple of hours, caught the flight and was back home just after 10pm.

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