Day 205

Day 205 – Sun 26 Mar – A regular start with Children’s Sunday School and then elders training, we should finish going through the Westminster Confession this coming Sunday. Chris Roberts led for me and it was good to sit with Noah in the congregation. I was preaching on the second half of Isaiah 56 and first half of 57. Lost Shepherds, Lost Sheep, How the Lost are found. I had too much material and it didn’t help that I got my notes mixed up in the last point. We had 4 folk back for lunch which was lovely and it was a gorgeous afternoon. In the evening I am preaching a short series of evangelistic sermons, last night I was on ‘What’s wrong with me?’ I enjoyed preaching it, if anything the illustrations were too strong, people will go away remembering the illustrations rather than the message.


I didn’t have to do any work today and really enjoyed the Sabbath.

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