Day 207

Day 207 – We were in chapters 13 and 14 of Knowing God on the Grace of God and the Judgement of God, really encouraging – everything in life matters because of judgement. I came home and then had to head to Greenford for Noah’s quiz club tournament. Mayfield Primary had two teams and there were 4 other schools. Mayfield came 5th and 6th (last and next to last), Noah loved it.  He was the youngest by quite a way and it’s a brilliant thing to be involved with. The guy hosting was very funny at one point saying ‘I don’t want to downplay assassination but that isn’t what really started World War 1’. The kids really enjoyed the quiz.

I was on Romans 14:1-15:9 at ELT and again wished I had a little more time in prep to thin out the talk however we had good numbers again. In the afternoon there was a Skype conversation regarding Liss and then I had great fun catching up with Reuben Hunter from Trinity West, Shepherds Bush.
I was home from 5 and then in the evening was out for dinner with one of the men in the churc

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