Day 214

Day 214 – Tue 4 Apr – There were 5 of us at the Knowing God group looking at the wrath of God and the Goodness and Severity of God. I got home and Romans 15 cracked into place so I wrote all morning. I then had a printing disaster, I decided years ago not to have a printer at home just I wasted ridiculous amounts of paper and so went to my usual printing shop at which point there was absolute chaos, it seemed like most of East Africa was in the printing shop shouting but this time it was 12.50. I managed in the end to get the town hall to print it, but they did it both sided and back to front. A total shambles. Romans 15 is a wonderful challenge to my complacency, it struck me again we need to push on to plant again. There were good numbers there but I went a couple of minutes over time.

I had coffee with one of  the men in the church which was encouraging and then was back for more work on Isaiah 58.  In the evening I had a lovely pastoral visit with a couple in the congregation. I came home feeling a blessed man.

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